Summer 2021 Goals Report

As I write this, I have to report back to work for school year 21-22 in 19 days.

I have fewer than three weeks of summer left. That feels like hardly anything.

I turn to my summer goals page in my writer’s notebook and am dismayed.

Of the nine teaching-related books I wanted to read this summer, I’ve read almost two. 

Of the nine specific writing-related goals I crafted for myself, I’ve met only three.

Of my ongoing goal to get to bed each night at a decent time (before 11:30), I’ve only accomplished that about a quarter of the nights this summer. 

Of the curriculum planning I wanted to do to feel like I won’t be buried in work in that (meeting-filled) week I’ll have between reporting to work and welcoming students into my classroom, I’ve done nothing. 


But what have I accomplished instead?

I hiked on the trails by my house multiple times each week. 

With my family, we made some progress with training of the pup who just turned one. 

I read the science fiction tome that a colleague gave me to read well over a year ago. 

(It was awesome and I’m ready for book two).

I re-watched most of the Marvel movies, this time in timeline order (a summer family project).

I made a few meals for friends.

I went on a road trip to Santa Fe with family and friends.

I’m looking forward to a road trip to Georgetown Lake in Montana.

I did some curriculum work for my district that I was pretty happy with.

I’m teaching an online writing workshop for the Colorado Writing Project and get to work with some awesome and thoughtful high school teachers.

I presented an online webinar, and I’ve got two online conference presentations coming up.

I added more resources to my website.

I sat across the dining room table from my daughter as we both did some tiny paintings. 

I attended an all-day workshop that inspired me and helped me think about some important work my department is doing. #DisruptTexts

I acquired some new jewelry. 

I weeded the front yard flower beds.

Spotted in the parking lot of Meow Wolf, Santa Fe

I explored Meow Wolf.

I sobbed through a yoga class (all good tears). 

I spent quality time with the fam (especially the kid who will be moving to college in just over three weeks). 

I went to a movie in an actual theater.

The nights I went to bed before 11:30 are a recent cluster… I think I’m actually making some progress. 

I sat in the rocking chair next to my mom in her studio apartment, chit chatting while watching a Rockies game on mute.

I went to several of my school’s baseball games as well as tennis, soccer, and golf! (COVID meant for a different sports season schedule this year… school was out but the spring season continued and I took advantage of it). 

I enjoyed a few series on Netflix. 

I went to a writing retreat and wrote some poetry. 

I had some fun dinners out with friends.

I slept in as long as I needed to on as many days as I could.

I get to drop in on a couple of book clubs of teachers who are reading my book this summer.

I did multiple NYTimes crosswords every day.

I put my school laptop in a drawer and haven’t seen it for weeks.

I wrote this blog post.

All of this is to say that as I near the end of my summer break, I’m working to counsel myself out of the disappointment that creeps up when I look at the goals I set for myself several weeks ago. 

Though it wasn’t the summer I intended, it’s the summer I needed. And I’m definitely feeling like the days remaining before the school year launches are not enough for me to feel fully rested and ready after what school year 20-21 was. 

But whether I’m ready or not, school will be happening, and who knows what it will look like this year?

So that means no pressure about what I should be doing in these last days of summer. 

The days will be what they need to be. 

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