The Paper Graders

Office 831

Back in August of 2009, Jay Stott and I started a blog, The Paper Graders. It was an outgrowth of the conversation we were having constantly in the tiny, cluttered office we shared at school. That office exists no more as a result of a building remodel a few years ago, but we still teach together. And on occasion we still present about teaching together.

But we’ve both been using The Paper Graders less as we’ve taken on more projects. The Paper Graders was a critical place for me, especially, to figure out what to write about. This blog series in particular is the writing I did that eventually got me to Point-Less

I’m not sure how exactly the blog got Jay onto his current projects, but you should support his work as a singer/songwriter!


3 Comments on “The Paper Graders

  1. Sarah,
    I just finished your book – loved it! I was just wondering if you could give me some advice/insight on getting patent buy-in. That’s going to be crucial if I want my principal to back me. Thanks!


      • Hi Reneé! Thanks for reading my book. I have found that honest conversation with parents about how the traditional grading system gets in the way of student learning is the first step. They have responded with positive support once they understand why grading looks different in my class. I have this conversation with them at back-to-school night. I send out a letter as well to explain. And I make information available on my website ( –> this is the google doc I post on my website). I’m always happy to talk with parents one-on-one as needed, too.


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